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Drain you

Nirvana Claims
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September 26th, 2007 ]

we all love nirvana

it's our stuff check out!


April 9th, 2007 ]

Wow. This community is pretty much dead.
If any of the mods are still checking this,
Can I change my claim from In Bloom to Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle?

December 6th, 2005 ]

[ mood | complacent ]

Hi. ˆ_ˆnew here, love Nirvana almost more than life itself...


Can I claim "All Apologies", please? If the version matters, I want the acoustic solo version off "With the Lights Out". Can't BELEIVE no one has claimed this. I really wanted to claim Tourettes' but someone already did... =( oh well.



me=new [Wednesday
September 14th, 2005 ]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi.. I'm karlie and new to the community. Obviously I'm a pretty big Nirvana fan.. *thinks* well since it seems like someones snagged the man who sold the world.. could i claim polly?

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Just Close Your Eyes and Smile. [Monday
August 15th, 2005 ]

[ mood | awake ]

well i wanted to post because i am super bored and no one has posted in here for a long while also it is early in the morning but i have nothing better to do. hmm what to say what to say. umm okay i am finished.


July 7th, 2005 ]


I'm not sure if I understood exactly what you meant by saying 'Please, post ONE song/album/item'.
If you meant only to pick one song - one album - & one item -or- if you meant for us to only pick one category.
If it's only for one category then I'll just claim the song and you can toss out the rest.

Song: If You Must. [I'm pretty sure this is a cover, but I can't remember who originally wrote/sang it at the moment. I just like Nirvana's version of it better.]
Album: Forever Gold
Item: Kurt's hunter hat with ear flaps.. (There wasn't much detail in what 'type' of item you meant..so if I'm completely off on this just let me know.)
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nirvana [Wednesday
July 6th, 2005 ]

may i claim lounge act
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July 1st, 2005 ]

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION.. come on why not.. because kurt shouldnt be the only one who knows what happened that day.
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June 8th, 2005 ]

[ mood | amused ]

i claim

*(gallons of rubbing alcohol flow through the strip)*

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June 6th, 2005 ]

It's funny how no "Nirvana obsessed" person has come in and claimed SLTS yet. lol. You know, those wannabe fans that don't even know Nirvana played HSB they just know the one song.
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June 6th, 2005 ]

[ mood | giddy ]

Ooh, Ooh can I claim Milk It?

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Krist Novoselic [Thursday
May 12th, 2005 ]

[ mood | Mad Still... Sorta ... ]

Well umm Krist Novoselic came to Walla Walla to promote his book and i didnt know
well it was too late when i found out the day he came (last Saturday)
i found out a couple of hours after he finished
i heard that he wouldnt talk about anything related to music or sign anything related to NIRVANA ...
but i also heard his speech was great and he was hella cool.

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May 11th, 2005 ]

Ok ok ok.... may I claim, Oh, The Guilt?
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April 27th, 2005 ]

I've decided to leave a few communities I haven't active in. This just happens to be one of them. Therefor someone can have my claim of The Man Who Sold The World. You can take me off the list.

Aneurysm [Wednesday
April 6th, 2005 ]

i claim the song aneurysm
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April 5th, 2005 ]

R.I.P. Kurt!
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March 31st, 2005 ]

Can i please claim Verse Chorus Verse ??
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Heyy. [Saturday
March 19th, 2005 ]

Clean up before she comes, por favor.

&If not, Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle.

Spank you much.
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March 6th, 2005 ]

I'd like to claim Radio Friendly Unit Shifter! I freakin love that song!
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